Chances for Old People to Feel Comfortable at Their Age

Do you imagine yourself being old and helpless? Of course the thought that your kids would take care of you and your savings would be enough for getting old with dignity are very encouraging but still…How about the idea that sometimes old age, with its consequences, could come faster than we even thought?

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Vitamin OAlthough we are used to the idea that all the vitamins had been already discovered, this issue being as polemized as the subject that we’re not alone in the Universe, science went further and discovered another vitamin that is, as many other vitamins, a controversial subject. Vitamin O, or how it’s sometimes called ‘liquid oxygen’, is not actually a vitamin, manufacturers being not very clear about the chemical formula.

Although US Federal Trade Commission states that this vitamin is nothing but saltwater, people take it for increasing energy levels, for treating yeast infections, for eliminating toxins, poisons, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites from the body and many other health benefits.

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Staying Young – Problems and Solutions

looking betterPoor diet. You’ve probably heard that antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables could help you stay young.Antioxidantsfight free radicals and the bad thing is that they remain active for only a few hours that’s why they need to be continuously replenished.

What to do?
If eating fruits and veggies is not a part of your routine and daily menu, make it like that. If you want antioxidants to act properly, eat fruits, veggies and green leaves every 4 hours or with every meal.

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Avoid these habits and read the solution for them in order to stay young as long as it’s possible.
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All women know that there are habits that make you stay younger and there are habits that make you look older physically and from the inside.

Which are the factors and habits that accelerate the aging process and how to avoid them in order to stay younger in mind and body for longer time?

It’s well known that smoking and alcohol in big dosages dehydrate your skin and sun makes it look older in time but there are habits that could turn back the clock or at least slow it down. Don’t neglect the following habits that could be an impediment in your efforts of staying younger.

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