Tips on How to Preserve Health and Young Look

Healthy body and mind will make women look younger. I would like to talk about tips to healthy living which surely will result in younger looking if you follow the tips strictly.

1. Don’t forget to have fruits, vegetables and fish in your meals every day
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and you’ll see your skin looking better. The lack of vitamins is the foremost reason of bad health. You must be aware of your foods more often. It means you have to find for your body antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C and selenium), zinc and copper. You require a regular quantity of 60 milligrams of C vitamin a day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in such antioxidants. Daily consumption will certainly turn good results to you. More at

In addition, you should give up sweets, fatty and rich food and meat. Cereal and milk is good for your digestive system to work with the food properly. Learn what kind of food you can handle for your age. You will face the aging process when you are 20-30 years old. From then, you should be careful of what you eat.

2. You should drink more water and liquids
Plain water, mineral water, and juice are constructive to your body. Liquids help keep the balance of skin moisture. You should refrain from drinking black tea or coffee as they do more harm to your health. In the summer your body will need liquids a lot while in the cold season 1.5-2 liters will be enough.

3. Remember that smoking never does you good
Smoking is totally prohibited if you want to stay healthy and young. It has direct effect on the skin because great part of the toxins will be removed through the skin. Smoking speeds up the whole body aging and increases the danger of cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis.

4. Don’t be stressed
Several studies show that stress increases body aging. Stress and anxiety occurs in your daily life. It is an unavoidable event but you can learn to react to it properly to prevent much stress. Stress Self-help

5. Find time for meditation
You should find peaceful time to be with yourself. You may do yoga, meditate, and have massage or aromatherapy. You may use aroma oils that create a serene feeling, for example, lavender.

6. Laugh everyday
Many people believe that daily laugh is a remedy to all diseases. At least, it has a good result on mental health. Therefore, humor is a recommended way to cope with stressed situations. The bad feelings such as greed, envy, violence, revenge and annoyance should be suppressed as they do nothing but affect your physical and mental health.

7. Maintain a healthy weight
Fatness is an obstacle to healthy living. You should be careful of your weight. Try to maintain a healthy weight. Proper meals and exercise will help you to be in a healthy condition. Read more

8. Regular exercise is a must
You will lose 1/3 of a pound of muscles every year after you are 30 years old. Your bones, too, will become weaker if you do not exercise regularly to keep fit.

These rules are valid for every age and would improve your general health and would make you stay younger and look better.

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