One of the greatest gifts we can give our bodies is a restful cleansing of the central systems that keep us alive. There’s simply no better way to do this than with a summertime cleanse based on pure nutrition, fresh air, untainted waters and the requisite physical space that fosters a deep sense of nourishment, expansion and safety.

Detox programs are making themselves known in the spas of the world, and for good reason. Detoxifying not only helps in purging accumulated wastes from the body, but also in enlivening the cells, organs and glands, so that built-in, self-repairing mechanisms can get to work.

Detoxification benefits every system in the body. Exposure to high levels of environmental and chemical toxins disrupts the entire physical landscape as the body’s detoxification system of the liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and lymphatic system cannot fully neutralize and eliminate highly toxic contaminants. Especially if the body is exposed over a period of time these disruptive toxins will be stored in our cells and tissues. Too often, we do not correlate our exposure to toxic matter with states of less-than-optimal health.

Fundamentally, this means cutting back on certain foods, or completely abstaining from eating altogether, and for a set length of time. While three days may seem like too much ‘down time’ for some, many won’t even consider cleansing programs shorter than three weeks. But don’t worry, significant benefits can be had, even from short-term programs.

Fresh foods are recommended across the board because they aid in everyday detoxification, helping the body cope with modern environmental stressors that assault our cells. “If you want to be alive, eat live foods,” agrees well-known life coach Tony Robbins. In fact, more and more people are discovering that detoxifying, raw plant foods help them to function best. The Raw Food Diet Can Facilitate Effective Detoxification

However, when undergoing a detox you may actually not feel as well as usual. Remember that your body is turning inward, cleaning up years of debris and poor habits. Allow yourself at least three days, although seven is more intense.

The best strategy is to practice good health habits and create a vital body force capable of dealing with these environmental toxic stresses—if possible on a daily basis. No matter how small, the introduction of uncooked fruits and vegetables aids in decreasing the amounts of toxins in the blood. Diet change combined with physical exercise, some type of juice fasting and lymphatic massage, causes toxins concentrated in the cells to begin to flow back into the extra cellular fluid. Toxins are diffused into the blood stream and then go to the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, lymph, and skin systems, where they are eliminated.

Try raw food cleanses, juice and water fasting, lymphatic massage, pancha karma massage and week-long pancha karma rejuvenation treatments, rebounding, oxy-bounce, yoga, breath work, air baths, infra-red sauna, skin brushing, and enemas. And of course, don’t forget to eat less, sleep more and drink plenty of water.

“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners”

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