Things to avoid in cold and flu season – tips for a healthy lifestyle
I hate those days when I was staying at home with a runny nose, with sore throat, fever and muscles aches. Those days are far away now and my secret how to stay healthy isn’t actually a secret. I bet you’ve heard about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle, a moderate and a balanced diet and about having a regular physical activity. It’s of no use denying the obvious: all these may be included without any doubt in our ‘natural prevention list’. Below you’ll find some great advice on how to avoid things that suppress your immune system making your body more sensible to infections. Prevention is possible only if your immune system is ready to fight with any condition. How to make that possible and how to enhance your body’s natural defences?

Preventing colds and flu, staying healthy during cold and flu season

Cold and flu relief, natural remedies for cold and flu

At least for the cold and flu season try to except/use less/avoid/:

1. Smoking. A cigarette smoked once in a while isn’t a decisional factor in suppressing your immune system but smoking regularly makes your body weaker when confronting with infections in general and seasonal diseases in particular.

2. Junk food. It saves a lot of time but the saved time is then spent curing the conditions junk food may favour including cold and flu. Read more about unhealthy eating habits

3. Avoid sugar or high sugar foods. It’s a fact that sugar decreases your immune system that’s why excepting sugar from your diet is very important. Also try to avoid artificial sweeteners.

4. If you’re stuffy avoid milk because it would thicken mucous making it harder to drain.

5. Showering very often and showering with soap would make skin more sensible to bacteria and microbes.     Hot shower benefits

6. Alcohol drinking would also make your body weaker by depressing the immune system.

7. Contacting with people who manifest obvious cold and flu symptoms.

Remember things to avoid and be especially careful in this cold and flu season