Healthy Skin at Any Age through Dietary ChangesBody free of toxins

You already know that a healthy skin is always in strong relation with a healthy body. In order to have a healthy, glowing skin, you have to make sure your body is free of toxins. Did you know that the organs responsible for providing you a beautiful clear skin are kidneys, liver, adrenals, thyroid and large and small intestines?

Liver and kidneys

Liver and kidneys are the organs that filter out impurities and help flush away the toxins. If your diet is full of unhealthy food products, these organs would work at full stretch, having as a result a weakened body and an unhealthy skin.

Adrenals make many of the essential hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone and a hormonal imbalance may also lead to skin conditions. A dry, flaky skin may be the first indicator of a mall-functioning thyroid.
For a hormonal balance, especially when there are suspicions of an imbalance, women must include in their menu the following aliments: besides fresh vegetables and fruits, add more seeds and nuts, also licorice.
Natural herbal supplements of wild yam, palmetto, dandelion, blessed thistle, evening primrose oil, rhodiola, would also be of great help in cases of hormonal imbalance. Drink lemon-grass and fennel teas.
Men should include in their diet more celery for its male steroid hormone known as androstenone, also parsnips that are known as a testosterone enhancer. Truffles are known not only being a gourmet food but also as an enhancer of natural hormones levels.

Small and large intestine

They provide nutrients to all organs and help remove waste products from the body. When waste products remain for a longer time in your intestines, the skin becomes thick, blemished and oily. A clear, flawless skin is usually the reflection of clean intestines.
It’s imperative to start adding in your daily menu probiotic foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and supplements like spirulina, chorella, and blue-green algae.

Some food are particularly efficient in promoting beautiful, clear and glowing skin:

•    products that contain Omega-3 fats help normalize skin lipids and prevent dehydration in cells. The result is that cells remain strong and full of moisture, preventing such the apparition of fine lines. Another great effect of Omega-3 fats is its anti-inflammatory effect that can help calm irritated skin giving it a smoother look.
•    Vegetables must be eaten preferably raw, must be fresh and organic.
•    Fermented foods are great, sometimes converted in super foods by bacteria. Would definitely help promote the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria.

A healthy and a balanced diet would give you in very short time the glowing skin you wanted for so long. Actually it would one of the most ‘insignificant’ benefits a healthy nutrition could give, besides a healthy body and clear mind.

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