Great motivational facts about benefits of exercising regularly

If you’re exercising a lot for loosing weight and didn’t lose a pound, if you don’t exercise at all because don’t see the reasons for doing that, than this article would be something motivational for you. Have you ever noticed that every article about a healthy living, a healthy lifestyle or fighting with depression or stress contains this simple advice: Get at least 15 minutes exercises a day and you’ll feel better? But have you really asked yourself what are the ‘miraculous’ benefits of exercising regularly? Below there’s a list with the most important benefits sport can bring you.

1.    Helps fight chronic diseases. Exercising you improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels that fact decreasing your chances of suffering from such conditions like type II diabetes, heart disease (explore human heart facts ) and several cancer types (discover cancer prevention tips). It was also proved to be one of the causes of delaying onset of dementia.

2.    Helps fight seasonal illnesses. Cold and flu will stay away or would be more difficult to catch if you’re doing your exercises regularly. Cold and flu prevention tips

3.    More energy. It may look like a paradox but the more you move and use your energy, the more it feels like you have a lot of it.

4.    Improves your mood by raising your serotonin levels decreasing at the same time cortisol levels (stress associated hormone) in your blood.

5.    Improves cognitive functions (like memory and learning).

6.    Improves the quality of sleep. Exercising regularly you’ll have a good sleep ( It would also help to fall asleep more quickly. Lack of sleep symptoms

7.    By exercising you’ll improve your sexual life. A great physical fit and more energy are always going side by side.

8.    Sport or simply exercising in the morning would bring a relief to those depressed or anxious. A simple walk would make difference and you’ll feel that in only 10 minutes.

9.    It’s a great appetite stimulant. Just remember to temper your appetite after exercising and at night hours.

I hope these several benefits would be motivational for you when starting or continuing exercising. Try to find your personal benefits and keep them in mind for those ‘lazy days’ when you don’t want to move a muscle.

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