Music Could Help Us Living Longer

When we talk and think about living longer and better we must consider all the factors that may help achieving that.

Aromatherapy was proved to be a soother in cases of depression and stress if used properly. Music was proved to help in Alzheimer treatment, to treat wounds and add some long years.

All of us have our favourite music and we are listening it all the time but is that music good for making us live longer?

Healing Music
Serious studies about music were started only after World War II even if music was used from ancient times for treating different diseases including mental illnesses. Now there is evidence that therapy using music can help reduce blood pressure, insomnia and depression. Even there is no evidence that music can cure directly diseases like cancer, scientists believe that music can reduce certain symptoms, can help with healing and enrich patients’ quality of life. Using music in combination with meditation and visualization was proved to be even more effective.

Living longer listening to relaxing music
Studies from the last decades proved that slow, soothing music is generally beneficial to one’s health. Listening to relaxing music enhances cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, regulates stress hormones levels, relaxes muscle tension, elevates mood and increases resistibility. The most beneficial was found to be classical and meditation music. On the other hand listening to irritating sounds can cause stress.

The best music was proved to be music of Italian composers (Vivaldi, Scarlatti), Mozart, Bach.
By the way, classical musicians – orchestra conductors, in particular – are among the longest-lived professionals.
Playing an instrument – a great brain booster

Learning new things gives your brain a great workout, learning to play an instrument have been proved to have even better benefits besides it. Taking music lessons have been shown an IQ levels increasing, some of the students showing improvements even in non-musical abilities.

Listening to calming music even an hour before sleep would help you falling asleep in a shorter time inducing at the same time a deep sleep.

The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physical vitality, and even your weight. Read more

You can start listening to relaxing music from any age. It was proved to provide significant benefits of both mental and physical stimulation to older adults, even to frail ones. Find your own healing sounds, find the music that relaxes you.

For a longer life avoid sounds that induce stress and listen mostly to relaxing music.

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