What is aging gracefully?  I don’t expect in my 60es to have no wrinkles without chirurgical intervention, I don’t expect to have a great (for my age) skin without working on that, I don’t either expect to have toned muscles without any exercise.

All we want to have a happier life, to live longer and age gracefully. But do all of us follow simple rules to have all of these? Check out and make improvements if necessary. Take necessary measures when you’re still young.

Because one third of your aging gracefully success is determined by genetics you’re able to manage the other two thirds. For that purpose here are some tips to follow.

Sleep more hours per night. Lack of sleep has always negative consequences even if you don’t feel tired. Lack of sleep implies a row of possible conditions including diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Studies found that people who tend to sleep less than seven hours per night are more likely to be overweight and have other health problems. Just-healthy.net

Avoid factors that causes wrinkle apparition. Smoking is not only the society’s problem. It’s your problem if you want to look younger after ten or twenty years. Studies show that skin of a non-smoker looks ten years younger than of a smoker. (More about Results of Smoking and Benefits on Health When You Quit url)
Your posture has also a lot to do with wrinkle apparition that’s why it’s very important to make some changes before it’s too late. A bad posture doesn’t just make you look old. The rounded posture compresses the nerves and spine disks, restricting blood flow to the supporting muscles, leading that way to shoulder, neck and back pain.

Make changes in your skin care routine. Help your skin renew itself by eating better, applying a sun protection cream, moisturizing and peeling. But that’s just theory. In practice you should eat food that contains vitamin A and vitamin E that are especially great for skin. Try also to embrace a healthy eating style going with it through your entire life. Peeling at least once in ten days is also a must. Your new skin can’t easily burst through the thick layer of dead skin cells. Help it with that and you’ll soon notice the difference. Moisturizing is also a must for all skin types. If you wear a SPF the year around you’ll be blessed with a great skin without pigmentation when you’ll get old. Don’t neglect these simple and well-known rules and your skin will be always healthy and glowing.

Don’t forget about physical activity. Exercising isn’t the last point in the list. It is so important that some scientists put it on the same place with the healthy nutrition. Osteoarthritis, dementia, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions are easy to avoid by simply exercising. You may like jogging, playing your favourite sport or just walking but whatever physical activity you choose it would definitely have a positive impact on the way you look and on your health.
You can’t control the biological process in your body and you can’t stop aging BUT you can control it helping your body slowing the natural aging process.