Avoid these habits and read the solution for them in order to stay young as long as it’s possible.
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All women know that there are habits that make you stay younger and there are habits that make you look older physically and from the inside.

Which are the factors and habits that accelerate the aging process and how to avoid them in order to stay younger in mind and body for longer time?

It’s well known that smoking and alcohol in big dosages dehydrate your skin and sun makes it look older in time but there are habits that could turn back the clock or at least slow it down. Don’t neglect the following habits that could be an impediment in your efforts of staying younger.

Sweets. It’s scientifically proven that sugar not only affects the waistline but it makes the skin look wrinkled, dull and older too. It’s a natural process known as glycation in which the sugar in your blood attaches to proteins to form bad molecules – advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The more sugar you’ll eat, the more AGEs you will develop and the more damages they will bring to collagen and elastin which keep skin elastic and firm. Once collagen and elastin are damaged, the skin will become dry and that is a direct road to wrinkles. According to a study, these aging effects start at about age 35 and increase quickly after that.

What to do? Avoid prepared foods that contain big amounts of sugar: fruit juice concentrate, dextrose, corn syrup, molasses, maple syrup, maltose, barley malt any many others. It’s not easy to eliminate sugar completely from your diet but you can limit the amount of sugar.

Physical exercises are not in your daily routine. Don’t associate physical activity with weight loss. Being active on a regular basis can help fight many diseases and prevent others; physical activity can help reduce inflammation, prevent type II diabetes and chronic conditions that may crop over time. Discover great motivational facts about benefits of exercising regularly

What to do? Stay active and make physical exercising your daily routine. 10 minutes would be enough to keep your body fit and healthy.

Being stressed. Stress is part of our life and we can’t just get rid of it for good. Stress increases the concentration of the stress hormones (cortisol and norepinephrine) in the bloodstream suppressing immunity and raising blood pressure. With time, stress may shrink areas of your brain involved in learning, mood and memory.

Read more about effects of stress on the body http://stress-self-help.com/effects-of-stress-on-the-body

What to do? Coping with everyday stress became one of the things everyone of us should know. Stress managing techniques like yoga, meditation and staying positive would help you remain calmer, keep your stress hormones at low levels and stay and stay younger physically and psychically.

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