Physical exercise can make you feel like quitting the smoking habit – Quit smoking by walking 15 minutes a day

Scientists from Exeter University discovered the fact that physical exercises help people quit smoking.

It was considered that physical exercises and smoking are two incompatible things. Sometimes we may meet running people who stop to take a breath and smoke a cigarette. Or we may encounter musclemen getting out of gym with cigarette in their mouth. The scientists state that physical training may help people get rid of their bad habits, including smoking.

Previously a few researches led the doctors to similar conclusions. A group of European physicians stated that even a rare physical training may lead to the reducing of smoking. But a concrete mechanism in this sense was discovered recently.

In the researches participated dozens of voluntary smokers with a certain experience. Doctors asked them not to smoke for about 15 hours and then to spend 10 minutes on the treadmill on a constant and not very accelerated speed. Then every patient was submitted to MR-imaging unit in where they watched 60 different images. Some of them contained cigarettes and smoking people. Scientists considered these images should enhance the desire to smoke.

The same experiment carried a number of smokers and weren’t submitted to physical exercises.

The photographs of the patients received using MR-imaging, showed the difference between the brain activity of the first and the second group of smokers. The brain of those who didn’t carry physical exercises was more active, especially the parts responsible for the reward and visual focus. In the first group the activity of the brain in this matter was lower; the brain reacted to the images showing cigarettes in the same manner it would react, for example at apple imagery.

As the authors of the research presume, the cause of this phenomenon may be the special effect of the physical activity, which is related to the output of the pleasure hormone called dopamine. By improving our mood it decreases the need to smoke and to consume nicotine, which is also responsible for the output of certain hormones (a fact that creates dependency).

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The main author of the research stated the fact that even a short physical training may help us to get rid of smoking habit.

A few exercises per day may replace such products as nicotine plaster, chewing gum and other things that help smokers. A ten minutes running or a simple fresh air walk may be very useful for those who try to quit smoking.

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