Vitamin OAlthough we are used to the idea that all the vitamins had been already discovered, this issue being as polemized as the subject that we’re not alone in the Universe, science went further and discovered another vitamin that is, as many other vitamins, a controversial subject. Vitamin O, or how it’s sometimes called ‘liquid oxygen’, is not actually a vitamin, manufacturers being not very clear about the chemical formula.

Although US Federal Trade Commission states that this vitamin is nothing but saltwater, people take it for increasing energy levels, for treating yeast infections, for eliminating toxins, poisons, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites from the body and many other health benefits.

We are getting old and accumulating diseases mainly because the body is lacking oxygen and the manufacturers of this, as it seems, amazing vitamin claim that diseases can be reversed and the aging process can be slowed down by ingestion of vitamin O supplements.

Although Vitamin O is a kind of mystery and is a subject of many disputes, people see improvements to their health when they take it on a regular basis.

The disputed vitamin is also used for improving concentration, memory and alertness, for easing depression and irritability, for body weakness, emphysema and lung disease. The list of health benefits is so big that making us, health concerned, to be less skeptical about its properties that were proven to be not a ‘placebo’.

Vitamin O supplements are also recommended for premature aging, sexual problems, PMS, obesity and constipation, stomach acid, poor digestion, and loss of appetite.

Including vitamin O in the daily diet makes it more efficient and soon shows its effects over health.

Vitamin O is also claiming to help treat, reverse or stop the evolution of some serious conditions and this statement perturb FDA that claims that no herbs and supplements are intended to ‘diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease’.

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Who is right and who is wrong in a reality where we are what we eat it’s up to anyone of us.