What to consume in order to preserve our youth?

Which coffee is useful?
Many women are interested in question is the coffee useful or how to prepare a good coffee drink without caffeine or with low amount of caffeine. Theoretically espresso contains less caffeine because it is served in small portions. But is it true?


According to researches everything depends on the coffee beans sort. Arabica is considered the sort of coffee which is accessible in stores and contains the lower amount of caffeine.

If you want to follow a normal regular consumption of caffeine products and not overdo this, you must consume daily 4 portions (including black and green tea, cola and energetic drinks). This rule may help you to establish a normal caffeine dosage per day.

One more method is the use of drinks without caffeine. But it is also a contradictory matter, because these products contain chemical elements which are also harmful for the organism.

Broccoli helps smoking persons to avoid lung cancer
American scientists reached to the conclusion that broccoli and other vegetables of Cruciferae family decrease the risk of getting lung cancer.
They affirm that the strongest effect broccoli has on people which smoke daily more than 20 cigarettes.
According to research, the risk to get lung cancer for smokers which consume broccoli and other vegetables of Cruciferae family is by 20-55% lower than for other smokers which do not consume these products.

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In January, American researchers proved that boiled broccoli have the property improve the heart work and avoid the apparition of heart attacks.
In October a group of scientists from Vienna proved that daily consumption of the Brussels cabbage decrease the risk of cancer apparition

Diet influence the brain activity
British scientists state the fact that modern, nutritive unbalanced diets increase the amount of psychic diseases – depression, schizophrenia, memory loss and Alzheimer disease.  Healthy Dieting visit site
Dr. Andrew McCulloch, head of the Mental Health Foundation, said: “We know very well  that a qualitative composition of the diet influence the physical state of the person. But now we reached to the conclusion that it also has a strong influence over human brain” Stimulate brain activity is best way to stay young more on this post


During the last 50 years there was a substantial change in the balance of consumption of mineral substances, vitamins and fats. The industrialization of the agricultural sector, the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones changed the components of the animal tissues, a fact that led to the change in structure of omega-3 and omega –B fat acids. And namely these substances are responsible for a normal brain activity.

The statistics show that British people nowadays consume by 34% less vegetables and by 65% less fish than 50 years ago.

Courtney Van de Weyer says: “The good news is the fact that a good diet for the body is also a good diet for the brain. The bad news is the fact that without a rebuilding of the agricultural sector soon we will remain without healthy products available for population”.

The C vitamin decrease the risk of fractures

According to the researches of Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology from September 15, 2008, additional use of C vitamin is associated with decrease of risk of thigh and non-vertebrary fractures.
As we know dissolving C vitamin is responsible for antioxidant inhibition of the osseous resorption and is necessary for collagen synthesis. On assessing the results of Framingham Osteoporosis Study, the scientist under the leadership of Shivani Sahni, PhD analyzed the connection between C vitamin administration (in products and as adds to the ratio in therapeutic dozes) and thigh and non-vertebrarium fractures.

In this research there took part 958 persons which started to fill their “alimentary” questionnaires in 1988 and 1989. In this period there were analyzed the situation of patients which during this times had several fractures. The observation lasted till 2005.

During this period 100 patients suffered thigh fractures and 180 suffered non-vertebrarium fractures. The persons that consumed a full doze of C vitamin of 97 mg per day had a largest of fractures than the persons that consumed 305 mg per day. Patients with an increased doze of C vitamin had twice less fractures than the others.

The dozes of C vitamin that come into our body through alimentary products are not enough efficient. The C vitamin should be administrated also separately, as a medication. The scientists also recommend increasing the doze of consumed fruits and vegetables.

All these facts do not mean that we have to avoid the physician’s prescriptions during fractures in favor of C vitamin.

Green tea will preserve the health of your heart
The green tea is already famous for its useful properties. It contains many positive substances like potassium, iodine, copper, and B1 and B2 vitamins, organic acids which improve our digestion. The green tea contains as well strong antioxidants. But that is not all. The scientists discovered a way to make the green tea more useful.

According to them we have to put in the cup of tea a piece of lemon or pour citric juice. These products are rich in C vitamin, a fact that favors the increase of the antioxidants quantity. These elements are one of the most important in preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Apples can make you 17 years younger

The scientists discovered in apples a complex element which has the role to rejuvenate your heart, increase the circulation of blood and the immune system. Regular consumption of the apples favors the prolongation of human life, as well as the rejuvenation of the human body. This was the statement of the scientists of Food Research Institute from Norwich.

The scientists discovered in apples a complex element which has the role to rejuvenate your heart, increase the circulation of blood and the immune system. The element named Epicatechin phenol has the unique property to influence positively the cardiovascular system, inclusively to maintain the elastic character of the blood vessels.
Epicatechin decrease by 21 % the process of hardening the blood vessels walls, a fact that represents the main reasons for the risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke.
The largest amount of Epicatechin phenol is contained in wild apples.
Besides that, as a result of an experiment with patients which consumed a large amount of apple juice, the conclusion was the fact that their cardiovascular system rejuvenated by 17 years. Apple juice is also recommended in cases of atherosclerosis or liver, kidney or urinary bladder diseases. It normalizes the intestine work, remove the toxins out of the organism and restore the power after physical workloads.

Eat healthy, live longer !