The benefits of a qualitative recreation. Restore your vital force after a vacation

Do you know the phrase” No one need a vacation more than a man who just came back from it?” It is very difficult after a good rest to become active and to accommodate back to normal working regime. During this short period we manage to change the course of our life, to forget about our job routine and to enjoy life as it is.

Even if we realize that it was not the best of vacation we had, it is still very difficult to reintegrate in the working process. For example I remember one time when I came back from a vacation at the seaside (which actually wasn’t very pleasant, I felt lonely at the bathing-place and I wanted to come home as fast as I can) to my beautiful city, I realized that people around me were kind of resentful. Everyone was in a hurry. I think they should stop, look around and realize that you can not earn all the money in the world; you can not do anything you want. No. They continue to run, run, run… But after spending a few days in the city I became just like all of them. I felt that it is impossible to escape this vicious circle. I needed recreation.

The question is: how to find the optimal type of recreation. Men like different types of rest. Ones want to buy a dozens of chips, for example, and watch TV, having only the WC break, others want to fly with a parachute or climb the Everest. Psychology does not pay much attention to this matter; nevertheless there are a few recommendations in this sense.

First of all the recreation is necessary for a maximal restoration of the resources. The general principle is to change the type of the activity. The first rule of every recreation is the change of the activity, of the environment, of behavioral norms. It is important to find the opposite of your usual activity. For example, if you are a public man and you work deals with permanent meetings, banquets and camera shootings it is better to spend your vacation in an isolated place with few people. Your state of mind will be resting. And vice-versa if you have a quiet job you should make your vacation very active.

It is also necessary to take into account your health conditions and physician’s indications. We have to organize our rest carefully, without consequences that will require a long-term recovery. When doing something we must consider types of the allergies we have and what is not recommended to do.

If you wish to undertake a vacation using health improvement it’s very good. But you should not overload yourself. It won’t be positive at all if you start running every morning about 20 km or spend hours in sauna or eat useful meals, which are not an actual part of your ratio. The effect may not be very positive. At first, you may not be able to move because your muscles will hurt. A simple exhaustion of your organism won’t be of any use or pleasure. Everything should be made gradually.


Usually the recreation has its own general scheme. Remember yesterday you were working in a hurry and today you have the possibility to do nothing. At the first stage of recreation you do absolutely nothing. This period lasts for several days. Then, according to the scheme your recreation becomes more active according to everyone individual character.

Some people may work in their garden, other spent evenings in night clubs and it is period that offers you maximal pleasure. The rest makes you days more cheerful. After that, according to the scheme, there is a period of satiety, and the recreation become boring. The amount of positive emotions decrease and man wishes to come back to work. This is why several people spent their vacations in different conditions (for example at the seaside, first in luxury 5 stars hotels then makes their camps with tents).

According to the specialists, a 2-3 weeks vacation is enough for a complete physical and psychical recovery. Sometimes we have the possibility to divide our vacation in several parts. In this case it is considered that a 20 days vacation should not be divided because the recovery will not be complete. When we have a 2-3 month vacation per year it can be divided in two halves. Otherwise we enter into a period of satiety and begin to look for artificial forms of occupation. It’s an interesting fact that during the first 3 days of vacation the intellectual capacities of a person decrease by approximately 20 percents. Being relaxed, the person looses the possibility to concentrate. In order to prevent that, we have to play chess, for example, or solve crosswords.

One’s rest may also be planned according to the type of temperament:

1.    In cases you are a choleric type, you like to switch from a type of activity to another, to make new acquaintances and to adapt efficiently to new conditions; it is not necessarily to run with a beach bed to the seaside. You better take the ball and your flippers and accomplish an active type of recreation. For this type it is recommended to take up underwater swimming, alpinism or bicycle ride. It is also possible to ride the horse. In this case for recovery you need 10 days of your vacation.

2. For phlegmatic persons it is better to spend your vacation at the country side, breathing the fresh country air. It is also recommended to undertake different excursions or to take a ride on a boat.

3. People which have a melancholic type of temperament may spend their vacation in a creative mode. They may manufacture their own products or create new types of activities like breeding house animals or cultivation of flowers or simple house maintenance – all these activities being very pleasant for melancholic types of persons.

4. Sanguine persons are considered like Gold for their bosses. They can live without vacation for a very log period. The weekend is enough for these persons. They may be satisfied by a simple visit to the zoo or by undertaking shopping activities.

What is so exhausting about our work or why do we need constant recreation? Our work is exhausting first of all because of its monotony and routine. Even if you are in a permanent movement and you have a lot of meetings in this city, this kind of work may also become linear and get you really tired. In this case we must also take into account the physical workload. A usual night sleep may not be enough for your body to rest and to prepare for another workday.

There are a lot of stressful situations and if you can not organize yourself a constant recreation, you may simply “go nuts”. If you have a vacation only, once in a year, it is recommended beside that, to find a week or two to rest during workdays. In the end I will recommend you a useful and pleasant way to relax: open your photo album with your previous vacations or a watch a home made video. It will remind you of good times and vacations you had before and for a few minutes you may distract from daily routine and increase your vital tone.

Rest at least few days after your vacation and you’ll definitely remember after years the good time you spent during the vacation