10 products to increase your immunity


Many people in cases of chill or flu are feeling bad and find necessary to eat something. A good choice of consumed products may be very helpful and accelerate the healing process.
Hereby we will present you a few alimentary products which will increase the immune system and will help us to feel better in cold weather.


Yogurt contains a dosage of “good bacteria” which protect our organism from harmful bacteria and infections. These good bacteria are called probiotics and the researches proved that the yogurts that contain them improve the immune response of the organism due to the increase of the amount of white blood cells (leukocytes) in our organism. Traditional kefir is similar to yogurt, but it is produced using special kefir fungi at does not contain such an amount of different bacteria.



Turmeric may be found in every yellow karri, its golden color is the result of turmeric component which is a phenol with strong properties in combating cold and flu. Turmeric prevents several immune cells from responding to stimulators and has important anti-inflammatory properties.

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Garlic has many immune-stimulating properties which are parts of its substances, especially allicine. These components are effective against bacterial, virus, fungous and parasite infections. They also increase the immune system and have anti-tumor and antioxidant properties.



The antioxidants activity in oregano is caused by a high concentration of phenol acids and flavonoids, colored junctions which have anti-inflammatory properties. It is efficient against chill, flu, fever and stomach disorders.

Sweet red pepper
Sweet red pepper contains few calories and a large amount of nutritious substances. It is a good source of phytochemical substances as well as of beta- carotene and C vitamin. It contains twice more C vitamin than any other fruits and vegetables, including oranges.

Green Tea
Tea – is the most consumed drink in the world after water. It is rich in phenols, antioxidants and a series of other chemical substances which help to protect our organism against cold and flu.

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Pumpkins are rich in beta-carotene, nutritious substances which help the organism to get the A vitamin. The A vitamin regulate the connection between cells a fact that is crucial for the immune system. It also helps to prevent cancer – the disturbances in cells collection is the main reason for cancer apparition. more about Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer



Ginger contains gingerol, a relative of capsaicin – a substance which gives the chili pepper its spicy taste. The dried ginger contains less gingerol and more anti-inflammatory substances. It also helps to decrease the sensation of dizziness.

Oysters traditionally are considered stimulants, probably due to their high content of zinc, which is necessary for the generation of testosterone. Zinc is also useful for the protection of our organism against clod and flu. It improves the T-cells which play an important role in detection of heterogeneous antigens and in preparation of other immune system cells. Even a minimal zinc deficit may have repercussions over the immune system of our body.



Broccoli is an accessible and cheap source of A, C and E vitamins. Besides that broccoli has a high concentration of glucosinolates which stimulate the immune system. Broccoli is also very useful because of the high concentration of sulforafanes which are strong anti-cancer substances.

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Other products that must be mentioned: carrots, squash, peas, yams, leeks, green leaf vegetables, sea vegetables. Rice, barley and oats are also recommended but only if you have any problem with excessive mucous and chronic nasal congestion. Also include in your ratio beans, small amounts on chicken, lamb or beef, fish like sardines, trout and mackerel.

Enjoy every bite and never eat when emotionally stressed. more on stress-self-help.com

Definition of immunity – resistance of an organism to infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion

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