Stimulate brain activity – best way to stay young

Human brain. The last studies about brain activity and about what can influences our mind.

As many of you know the intellect is in strong connection with growing old. If you keep and increase your intellect when growing old you may forget about such diseases as Alzheimer’s and many other aging problems.

Life in a modern technological society requires of us a stronger amount of intellectual inputs. Mankind wishes to accelerate the intellectual growth by using different artificial methods. One of these methods is meditation. The neurophysiologist Richard Davidson (Wisconsin University (USA)) and his colleagues made the brain scan of some Buddhist monarchs who had advanced experience in meditation process as well as of several voluntaries who meditated for the first time. The experiment proved that monarchs during meditation process have an increase in activity of the brain waves (the so-called gamma-waves).
Learn to meditate for a better relaxation, concentration, for a better health and for a clear mind. There were written a lot of articles and books about meditation and its techniques but the quickest way to learn how to meditate is to quieten your thoughts and mind and let the positive thoughts scatter your mind.

The hypnosis may also regulate the activity of several parts of the brain, which are responsible for solving of so-called cognitive conflicts, connected with the attention.There is another possibility to become smart at instant – it is called the “medication for stupidity”. According to the prognosis of the experts of British national center “Prevision” in the next 20 years there will be worked out a series of biochemical medications that will stimulate the intellectual activity of the man. But these medications may also be a considered as doping, a fact that will limit their use, for example for pupils or students during their exams. Or, in other case the “intellectual vitamins” will be used by all the students and will put them in similar situations.

The most “cool” method is the stimulation of brain using different impulses. Thus, in South Korea there is a society called “The order of Genius”. Its members conduct different experiment to increase the intellect using certain sonic rhythms. The brain cells, called neurons, may be in a dormant state and when we “wake them up” we begin to rationalize faster and more efficient. In this purpose they use music and colors. A man with a stronger intellect has a more various sound and color diapason in his encephalogram. The mentally retarded patient has a monotonous brain melody, and their “rainbow” is characterized by predominant red-orange tones. If we affect several parts of the brain with combined laser radiation (it contains magnetic, micro-waves, infrared and electric waves) the encephalogram suffers a change. A few children who have different psychic deviation were submitted to this test.  Their IQ increased and the mood over falls diminished, they became more literate and attentive.

You may increase your intellect by improving your memory. You may do it every day: read a lot, be curious and interested in a lot of activities, have a hobby, learn something new every single day. And remember – it’s never too late to do something.