Facts about a healthy, restful sleep – Easy and natural ways to beat down your insomnia.

Some popular classicist once said: Life is sleep. The opposite is also correct: Sleep is life. It is possible that sleep for a human being is more important than food or water. This is why in Middle Ages one of the most brutal forms of torture was the wakeful state to last for a few days. As a result the person became crazy and consequently died.

Sleep is life!
For most of the people even a little lack of sleep for one or two hours per day may have serious consequences.

A permanent deficit of a healthy sleep lead to damaging of the immune system, to decreasing of intellectual capacities, there are also negative consequences for the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract organs. Even the way we look depends directly on the fact how well do we sleep. The unhealthy color of our face is a consequence of sleepless nights. A proven fact is the direct connection between the insomnia and the obesity. The scientists state the fact that the growth hormone which regulates the distribution of fat throughout the organism is synthesized mostly during our sleep and people who pay attention to a healthy night sleep have more chances to preserve their figure and shape.

For example, the statistics prove that people that sleep 4 hours per day have 74% more probability to get fat  than people that have a normal sleep of 7-9 hours per day. In case a person sleeps 5 hours per day he has 50% probability to get fat, in case of 6 hours of sleep, the percent is 23.  According to the last statistics the rate of mortality in people sleeping 6-7 hours per day is lower than for the rest.


These are average statistics, but the situation is individual for each persons: for some of us 4 hours is enough to regenerate, for other it is necessary to sleep for about 10 hours. It is important to base on your own sensations: if you woke up without alarm clock and feel rested it means you had a good night sleep. But you feel weak and tired during the whole day, you loose the sense of concentration, fell apathy, irritability, it means you had a bad, incomplete night sleep. The symptoms of insomnia are unique.

Make your own sleeping process
The most effective solution for insomnia is the hypnosis. This is not the only method, and not at all the most effective. If the problem has not yet became a chronic imbalance of the sleep function you may use a simpler therapy.

The easier method to solve this problem is to make a stable regime: to go to sleep and to wake up at the same hour everyday. Due to this banal regime you’ll help your organism to create a certain reflex. You will have to respect this sleeping regime even in weekends when the temptation to lie in bed in the morning is much stronger.

What is the optimal time to go to sleep? There’re different opinions in this matter. Some scientists advice to follow the inner instincts: when you feel a sleepiness state you should go to bed. But the most of the opinions are that better sleep is between 23.00 in the evening until 05.00 in the morning, and especially the interval between 02.00 and 04.00.

Before sleep is not recommended to make fitness and to watch horror or action movies – all these factors excite our organism, which is not recommended before sleep.  The only types of physical exercises that are recommended before sleep are (muscle) stretch exercises, a slow walk and sex.

Hot shower
A good hot shower, or better bath, is very relaxing for our body. For a stronger effect you may add in bath volatile oils (for example geranium, lavender, etc.) or aromatic salt with relaxing effect. More on just-healthy.net

A good dinner
Eating much before sleep is a taboo! Try to eat at least with 3 hours before sleep; in this case the feeling of heaviness in your stomach will not divert your organism from relaxation. It is also not recommended to totally avoid dinner because a howling stomach is also harmful for a normal sleep. If you didn’t manage to have your dinner with 3-4 hours before sleep, you may consume some fruits or vegetables except citruses and grape.

Traditional remedies
In order to combat the insomnia you may also use several popular recipes.  It is useful to serve a little relaxing infusion or chamomile, mint, hop, Melissa or valerian tea. A classic method is to drink a glass of hot milk with a spoon of honey. Regarding to valerian, the dry root of this plant may be put into a little bag close to your pillow. The same effect has the volatile oil of lavender. It will fill your room with a nice relaxing aroma.

A comfortable bed
A large attention should be paid to your bed. It is more comfortable to sleep on a hard mattress. It is also more useful, because in this case we avoid getting osteochondrosis. It is better to forget about feather bed and soft pillows. A good pillow shouldn’t be very high; your neck should be in the same line with body.
Such a trifle as the color of furnishing may be also very important for your sleep. It is considered that dark colors, or blue and green nuances guarantee a good sleep, while red furniture may have an opposite effect.

Medical assistance
If you have a permanent insomnia it is recommended to consult your physician. Somnifacients in sale are in most cases effective and harmless. But a chronic insomnia may lead you to such problems as heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and other serious diseases.

Medical solutions for insomnia

Sleep aid supplies, pills

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